Kerem Nachal Yasaf Half Sweet 2018

White aromatic semi sweet. Aromas of citrus flowers, ginger and honey. Crisp acidity blended well with residue sweetness. Full fruity palate.


Additional information

Area of growth

The vineyard of Nahal Yassaf is planted down the settlement of Kishor to the slopes of Nahal Yassaf. The source of its name in Arabic is the deep river. The stream descends from Kishor and flows westward to the Mediterranean Sea. The stream channel drains at night. The cold air and together with its proximity to the Mediterranean produces a unique and distinct microclimate.


Rabbinate, Badatz Beit Yosef, OU, Kosher for Passover, clean wine for fear of orlah, tavel and shvieit



Kerem Nachal Yasaf Half Sweet 2018

לקוחות יקרים, מינימום הזמנה באתר בסך 150 שקלים, משלוח חינם החל מ600 ש"ח. Dismiss

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