Ein Ifam

Ein Ifam or by its Arabic name “the eye of Majanuna” (the crazy spring), is one of the most beautiful and unique springs in the country.
The spring is between the entrance to the Yirka village and flows into the Beit HaKerem stream. Its name was given to it because of the spectacular and deceptive beauty.Most of the year the spring is dry, but after the rainfall it fills up and the pool reflects in spectacular colors. This process changes so that sometimes the pool is full and sometimes it is empty, from which it’s Arab name EinMajnuna is derived.


Additional information

Variety composition

Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syra


dry red wine

Growing Area

Upper Western Galilee. The winery vineyards constitute of a unique growing area that enjoys a combination of the two climate zones, which culminate in the influence of the Mediterranean on the West and the Upper Galilee on the East.

Production Process

Selective vintage for low yield, after fermentation it spends about 20 months in specially restrained barrels so as not to overshadow the fruit characteristics. Bottled without filtration and aged for at least a year for optimal balance.

Aging in wooden barrels

20 months


Rabbinate, Beit Yosef DC, OU – Passover Kosher, clean wine for Shviit and orla

Ein Ifam

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