Cabarnet Franc 18

Deep and attractive red wine. A graceful expression of the Cabernet Franc variety, cherry and ripe raspberry, along with a bit of anise and pepper seasoning. Soft texture and pleasant greenish coolness


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Grape varieties

Cabernet Franc

Growing area

The vineyards of Kishor, Nahal Yasef vineyard is a unique growing area that enjoys a combination of the two climate, Mediterranean from one west and the Upper Galilee to the east.


March 2020



Kerem Nahal Yasef

planted down the village of Kishor to the slopes of Nahal Yasef. The source of his name in Arabic is the deep stream. The stream leaves from the village of Kishor and flows west into the Mediterranean. The river channel drains the cold air at night and together with its proximity to the Mediterranean produces a distinct and unique microclimate.

Cabarnet Franc 18

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