Kishorit Village

Kishorit is Village, a home for life for adults with special needs, located on the lands of Kibbutz Kishor in the Western Galilee. The two communities, Kishorit and Kishor, constitute a unique integration model in which “ordinary” people and people with special needs live side by side. This integration enables the members of the village with special needs , to experience social belonging and compaionship.And constitutes a vibrant meaningful community

The village was established as part of the concept of living and living together in the two types of population, creating a separate life for each community according to its needs, and creating reciprocal relationships in all fields that enable adults with special needs to realize their rights and obligations as citizens. About 180 members live in Kishorit, including a kennel, a communications center, an organic vegetable garden, a bakery, a chicken coop, a goat’s milk shop, a garden and a winery.

Kishor Winery is one of the main branches of the village, and members of Kishorit are full partners in the wine production process. They handle the vineyards, harvest the grapes, the bottles, distribute the prepared wines, and actually create the wines with their own hands, accompanied by a team of expert consultants and village workers. Four members of the village regularly work in the winery and during the planting, vintage and bottle stages, many other members join them.

Another source of employment for the village members is the visitors center of the winery. They take part in hosting, experience interactions with outside visitors and see the fruits of their labor, a product they were full partners in the preparation process, from vineyard to bottle, poured into glasses, Who wish to continue enjoying the wines, even after the visit.


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